About the New York Men’s Leadership Forum (NYMLF)

Founded in 2004, the NYMLF is inspired by the ideals of seeking personal holiness in everyday activities and fostering a spirit of Christian service—to family, friends, and colleagues.

The forum offers four sessions a year. Speakers provide a personal witness and testimony to the life of faith, and its place within their professional lives. Sessions also provide the opportunity to deepen professional friendships and enhance spiritual solidarity among one’s peers. The members of the Board of Directors invite professional men to participate.

The Son of God became man and worked with human hands...[We] know, not only by reason alone but through revelation, that through their work people share in the Creator’s work. We continue it and, in a sense, perfect it by our own work, our toil, by daily effort to wrest a livelihood from the earth, or from the sea, or by applying energy to the many different processes of production...Indeed, we Christians are convinced that the achievements of the human race—in art, science, culture and technology—are a sign of God’s greatness and the flowering of God’s mysterious design.
— St. John Paul II | Talk in Pusan, South Korea, May 1984

NYMLF Board of Directors

Henry D’Alessandro

Douglas Dewey

Patrick Egan

James Gange

Francis Hager


Peter Hosinski

Richard Hough III

Sim Johnston

Michael Madden

Frank Marchetti


Mark Murphy

William Orchard

Mark Swartzberg